Thursday, January 19, 2012

Japanese class is back! 

It’s difficult, I’d forgotten so much. I actually had to use my own notes here on this tumblr to complete the homework assignment. This led me to creating my own sort of reference “book” using evernote. Evernote is something tofugu made a post on ages ago and it’s only now I’m seeing why it could be useful.

Yes, anki is great for memorization but it doesn’t work as a reference. What about the example sentences?? What about the grammar the teacher taught us? I can’t look that up quite as easily (textbooks are awful). So from here on out, sentence examples and grammar things will be going in evernote. I don’t see the point of putting massive word lists in there though because anki will help me remember the words and a dictionary will be there for looking up the ones I forget.

Maybe I’ll have a page per topic or something in there.

Oh my. tl;dr.

Anyway the video is something that we watched in class last week. Giving and receiving. I need to type this up for evernote (There are never too many examples of something!). 

For some reason our class would laugh every time she got to repeating things for the third time. 


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